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ITAPS supports and develops rail vehicle for measurement and Positioning Systems within the Galil-project, supported from the EU-DG Enterprise and(...) more »


ITAPS GmbH renaming into AES GmbH (Advanced Energy Systems). more »


ITAPS with integrated drive concept for vehicles & busses and activities in China. more »


Start in electrical chargers for Busses and Vehicles including technologies for inductive Energy transfer. more »


ITAPS Sp.z.o.o. develops investment tool for Biogas Power plant for financial and technical analysis. more »


ITAPS is an international operating company within the Business Engineering & Product Development area. We develop and engineer innovative but competitive business models and products for customers. Our Eco-Efficient orientated sustainable solutions with focus on transport and energy.

We are specialised in the value-added process and re-engineering of new business models. We provide professional assistance throughout the entire process, from the planning phase to implementation - for example, by providing interim management, Engineering or Marketing support.

ITAPS offers Engineering for different business models in transport & logistics, energy & environment management and Software tools for project management.

Our Engineering process is supported by a Network and by Partnerships securing services in M&A, Advanced Marketing, Software Development and professional Design Engineering for transport and logistics.


Project Engineering

a universal Software tool to support predictive project cost simulation and risk management of investment goods…
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Geothermy is the physical research of thermal streams within our Earth. It invests on different research activities while since more than 100 years also technical solutions have been developed to get access to this important and interesting source of energy for a commercial approach. more »


Automated Transport

A low-weight standard traction platform to solve different transportation problems …
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